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Business Etiquette

From Fortune 500 to the neighborhood bank, I provide Corporate Training and Business Etiquette Seminars and Workshops.

Hospital Systems
Athletic Leagues
Hair Salons
Corporations and Organizations of all types! No company is exempt!
Client relationships depend on PPPC . . .
Personality, Professionalism, Presentation and Credibility

I quickly recognize the training you and your employees will require to attain the skills to attain your identified goals from the preliminary consultation.  Just a few questions I cover:

1. Why do you want to train your employees in etiquette?

2. Are there specific problems you are trying to address?

3. Do you want to train all employees, or just specific sections?

4. Would you be interested in customized and specialized training for each area of your company?

5. Are there specific employees you feel would benefit more from personalized training?

6. Would you like your employees to learn how to communicate with clients or co-workers more effectively?

7. Is there a specific skill (such as how to introduce people, how to shake hands properly, how to host a business dinner) that you would like your employees to learn?

8. Have your employees had similar training before? Was it effective?

9. Would you like employees to learn more about telephone and email etiquette?

10. Are you interested in teaching your executives formal dining and dinner party etiquette?

11. Would you like to have your employees learn business etiquette?

12. Is your company doing business with any intentional clients?

13. Are you interested in training your key employees in international etiquette?

14. What results would you look for to consider this training a success?

Do you know that not being able to decipher the map of the table in a formal or informal dinner situation could cost you a client or customer? This is just one out of many things considered odd in the business world.
One right approach could seal the deal. Why risk losing when you can send out proper message about your Corporate Image?

Arm your executives and employees now with all the skills they need to stay on top of the market with most favorable impression!

Making  Introductions
Distributing Business Cards
Business Conversation
Email Etiquette
Telephone Etiquette
Office, Division, or Committee Meetings
Sales Presentation Meetings
Large Corporate Meetings
Corporate Gift Giving
Hosting Etiquette
Business Entertaining
Business and Dining Etiquette
Thank-You Notes

International Protocol: strongly suggested if company deals with array of people of different nationalities or planing to travel abroad.

There is nothing nicer than adding more class to your Corporate Image. Refinement and proper etiquette, protocol speak volumes. Your company image is important. I can help!
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High Image have High Rewarding!

Table Manners

Etiquette is More . . .
Etiquette is more. . .
Than Just Table Manners
For most people, the word “Etiquette” is synonymous with Table Manners. I've tried to demonstrate differently throughout this website, I highlight the various arenas of Etiquette that far exceed Table Manners.
Nevertheless, good Table Manners are crucial and deserve a category all their own.
So Five Star, Seven Course dining, Formal or Informal Dinning here I come!
Businesses will often determine whether or not they will pursue a relationship with you, based on your behavior at a restaurant. Did you know that in business, CEO’s will often use a wine list as a test?  For friends, it may determine whether or not they choose to join you for public dinners or invite you to special gatherings and functions.
Many an uncomfortable moment has sent us squirming in a formal restaurant, staring down at a sea of flatware and crystal, not knowing where to begin. Shock and embarrassment set in. Why, oh why, must there be so many different forks? We excuse ourselves to the restroom, hoping that someone will have started to dine (bad etiquette!) so that we can in turn emulate them.
In my training, I'll guide you through formal and informal dining, explaining each step of the way what goes where and when to use it.
For example, many people, to this day, have never experienced “intermezzo”.  But  . . . if you’re are faced with it, isn’t it better to know? One CEO professed his confusion as to why the ice cream was being served before the main course!  He was painfully embarrassed afterward.
Tipping is Telling!
Are you aware that if you’re paying the bill, your potential employer or present supervisor will often check with restaurant servers to see how you tipped? It tells them something about character. What might that be? I;ll tell you in training.
Do you know how to tip? Do you really? What about the wine steward?
In my formal and informal dining training, I address how to analyze a table setting, what to expect, how to navigate from course to course, proper tipping, seating arrangements and appropriate conversation.
This training is good for everyone!
Book this as a standalone training where we dine in style at a restaurant or a hotel.  
Country Clubs, Women’s Groups, Universities, Churches, School Clubs, Colleges, Hotels, Banks, Corporations of any kind can all benefit from this training!

Contact Darmie now at Phone: 08170768650, 07055245810
If nothing else, it’s a great excuse to socialize while eating great food and learning!  

Wedding Etiquette

This section of my etiquette services takes care of any concern you may have regarding wedding etiquette. From announcing the engagement to seating the parents. 






The following are the topics we'll look at together:

Who Pays for What

What the Bride and the Bride Family Pay For

What the Groom and the Groom Family Pay For


Asking for Gifts


Seating Family at the Wedding


Postponed or Cancelled Weddings 

Contact Darmie now at Phone: 08170768650, 07055245810


Children’s Etiquette


Our precious children  . . . our future  . . .  our legacies.
We spend time with their studies, time with dance lessons, music lessons, athletic activities.  All are wonderful and enriching and all help to shape a well-rounded child . . . but
what about Presentation Skills, Manners?
Does your child have the “it” factor? 
We must not neglect the basics that can enhance the way our children are viewed by all with whom they come in contact – teachers, classmates, friends and family!
Learning how to act and speak properly can absolutely set your child on a course for success!
  • How does your child handle peer pressure?
  • Does your child know how to dine at formal and semi formal tables?
  • Is your child shy?
  • How does your child handle hurtful gossip?
  • Does your child leave a favorable impression everywhere he or she goes?
I begin with Body Posture, Eye Contact, Handshakes and Introductions from the time your child passes the doorway. I discuss how to include others, how to establish yourself as a leader in the eyes of others, working as a team, how to build the foundation now for future success, both in Nigeria, Abroad, as a future Parent, or as a Leader of the Community.
Children are sponges and children love discipline. Etiquette is simply employing disciplined social graces – social graces that carry through your child’s entire life! Watch your child blossom as he or she becomes more confident, improves self-esteem,  and learns that it’s okay to be polite, it’s okay to be proper.
At Prima Felix Concepts, I not only teach manners, I teach common sense!
Etiquette spills over into every aspect of a child’s life.
I don’t just begin and end with Table Manners. I apply etiquette to their everyday lives and the common struggles and conflicts that they will encounter.

  Private or Group Sessions 


Computer and Social Site Etiquette
Peer Pressure and Etiquette
Playdate Etiquette
Eye Contact
Thank Yous
Table Manners
Beach Etiquette
Stranger Danger
Telephone Etiquette
How to Include Others
Email and Texting Etiquette
Tipping and Money Etiquette 

After the completion of any of my Etiquette trainings that your child/children take, there will be handout for parents to carry on what the kids has learned. Contact Darmie now at Phone: 08170768650, 07055245810

I arrange seminars and training
at your school, or  your home!

Teen & Adult Etiquette

The teens years can be trying. As parents, grandparents and guardians, you may sometimes ask,Why won’t they listen to me?
Because you’re the guardian. What do you know?  
We are blessed with a generation of bright teenagers. Helping your teens soar is my mission! They ‘get it’ and they leave my training proud, finding a beautiful new life that speaks volumes.
Since peer pressure is prominent throughout these years, I focus on it.  In addition, some of my other etiquette topics are Computer and Social Media Etiquette, Texting and Cell Phone Etiquette, Drinking and Driving, and even Dating Etiquette, meeting a date’s parents, honoring curfews and timelines, and ensuring that guardians know a teen’s whereabouts each step of the way.
PFC Etiquette Speaks To Teens! 
You will see great things happen during my Teen Etiquette Seminars or Workshops. Self esteem is improved, the floodgates open, stories are shared, and each step along the way, there is an etiquette and moral tie-in.
Watch your teen develop more confidence and elevate themselves to leadership positions by setting good examples for others by learning how to employ basic etiquette and manners techniques!
Private Classes or for Groups, I can come to your school or home!  

You’re never too old to learn. 
Now is the perfect time to master the skills that you need to propel you to the next level, chapter, or challenge  in your life and help you negotiate obstacles that may seem impossible.
By polishing a few mannerisms and learning how to communicate effectively, all the while incorporating great social skills and etiquette, you’ll see a difference in how you’re perceived.
The basics of my Etiquette and Life Skills training remain the same but material is more suited for adulthood and certain topics such as Marriage Etiquette and Project Management are added upon request.
I coach husband and wife teams, executives, entire families, groups of friends, new socialites, athletes.   Never, ever be afraid to learn or begin learning at any age!
It’s what great leaders have in common!  They always seek to better themselves!
I coach privately or in group sessions and I guarantee confidentiality! 

  • Introductions
  • Handshakes
  • Posture
  • Eye Contact
  • Telephone Etiquette
  • Email Etiquette
  • How to Include Others
  • Computer and Social Site Etiquette
  • Friendship (Visiting a Friend’s Home)
  • Thank Yous
  • Table Manners
  • Peer Pressure and Etiquette
  • Email and Texting Etiquette
  • Beach Etiquette
  • Golf Etiquette
  • Gift-Giving
  • Tipping and Money Etiquette
  • Dating Etiquette 
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