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What will phonics do? Phonics - Transform your teaching of early reading and writing. You learn phonetic so you are pronouncing correctly. You learn diction so that it's clear and understandable.

School Owners & Teachers: Enhance your school's brand image. Be able to meet the expectations of parents and build strong brand image for your school, including training in addition to your other offerings.

Mothers: Teach your children at home. Mothers are able to teach their children independently. Enhance your children English Reading Skills at home with phonics.

Individuals: One-to-one tutoring. One of the biggest frustrations in communication is the inability to understand what a person is saying. So if you've got a poor diction, this training will teach you to clean it up giving you successful vocal image as you speak.

PhonicsPfc training will teach you to:

Get all children reading, spelling and writing.

Catch up your slow progress readers. 

Get all your reception classes reading and blending over 30 sounds in two months.

PhonicsPfc also provide:

Whole-school One Package Training (suitable for schools with low pupils turnover)

Training for one-to-one tutoring.

Development Days

Staff trained in Phonics benefit from the support offered through our Development Days. A trainer visits your school to check your reading groups, discuss assessment and tracking, and provide feedback and next steps for future Development Days.

Most schools book a Development Day bundle or Advanced Training Package to keep costs down.

Tutoring & Workshop Based Plans

• One-to-one letter sounds learning for kids in transition stages

(3 months & 2days @ N39K)

• School Phonics Workshop

(2 months N4,500 per child - Development Days bundle package

• School with low pupils Phonics Workshop

(2 months 3k per child - Development Days bundle package)

• Basic Phonics Tutoring for Adults

(2 months @ N35K)

Advanced Phonics Tutoring for Adults

(3 months @ N55k)

Contact Damilola on 08037329520 or email lolagrove@yahoo.co.uk with the subject line "Phonics Training" for your one-on-one tutoring, to conduct workshop for your school and non-school.

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