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I offer different types of coaching services. But, before I tell you about them answer these questions.

Is your script story, idea, character, setting and theme well defined? Does your structure holds your story together tightly? Is it developed enough to appeal to film-going audiences? We'll know this with my script consulting service.

What is script consultation?

For script consultation I do not read your script. Instead, we exchange emails to discuss your story and characters through a series of targeted questions. I will focus on the challenges and weaknesses of your story structure, offering specific suggestions for improvements.

My goal with this consultation is for you to leave with a clear picture of the strengths and weaknesses of your story and a road map for how to write (or rewrite) it.

Cost: N11,600

This is what you will get:

An in-depth reading of your script

One page set of notes focusing on the core elements of your story.

Bullet-point recommendations for what needs development.

Cost: N35K


This is what you will get:

An in-depth reading of your script

5 pages of detailed notes analyzing the core elements of your story plus dialogue, character arc, visual appeal, level of conflict and genre.

Prioritized recommendations for what needs development.

Feedback and advice on title, logline and synopsis.

One hour telephone or Skype discussion.

Cost: N38,750

Why are there very few great scripts and great films in Nollywood? This is a question I often ask myself, and the primary reason is, I believe, some don't have solid foundation in screenwriting. To help writers develop their technical, creative and crucial abilities with screen story telling to become a more better, productive writers and perceptive thinkers and avoid errors of newbies, I now offer a personal coaching service that focuses on your writing, to produce a compelling screenplay.

The fee is N25k for a week tutoring or you can schedule N5K for an hour’s coaching each day.

So... You've noticed your child can imagine good stories and you want him / or her to really burst out with it? With my one-to-one tutoring sessions writing becomes easier for your kid.

Your kid gets to learn outlining, plotting, and character development. I'll teach him or / her how to organize his thoughts and put them together to make a great story.

With one-to-one tutoring, your kid will be able to write the following:

A novel (10 pages or more)

A screenplay (at least one act)

Short stories

COST: N45k

Please email Damilola at for more information.

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