Etiquette Consultation Questionnaires

Etiquette Corporate, Parents, Child, and Individuals Consultation Questionnaires. This Need - Assessment Questionnaire is a preliminary consultation which will help you determine exactly what you wish to accomplish in etiquette training, and how I will help you achieve those goals.

Please, contact Damilola Ogunremi with your interest at with the subject line of whichever is your need e.g. Etiquette Corporate Consultation or Etiquette Child Consultation.

Corporate Consultation Questionnaire

1. Why do you want to train your employees in etiquette?

2. Are there specific problems you are trying to address?

3. Do you want to train all employees, or just specific sections?

4. Would you be interested in customized and specialized training for each area of your company?

5. Are there specific employees you feel would benefit more from personalized training?

6. Would you like your employees to learn how to communicate with clients or co-workers more effectively?

7. Is there a specific skill (such as how to introduce people, how to shake hands properly, how to host a business dinner) that you would like your employees to learn?

8. Have your employees had similar training before? Was it effective?

9. Would you like employees to learn more about telephone and email etiquette?

10. Are you interested in teaching your executives formal dining and dinner party etiquette?

11. Would you like to have your employees learn business etiquette?

12. Is your company doing business with any intentional clients?

13. Are you interested in training your key employees in international etiquette?

14. What results would you look for to consider this training a success?

Parent & Child Consultation Questionnaire:

Questions for Parents

1. Why do you want etiquette training for your child? Is there a specific event coming up that you want your child prepared for? Or do you want to increase his or her general etiquette knowledge?

2. Do you want your child to learn dining etiquette (manners)?

3. Do you want your child to learn to answer the phone?

4. Are you interested in your child learning how to introduce people?

5. Do you want your child to learn how to be host or hostess?

6. Are you willing to reinforce at home what your child learns?

7. Are you interested in working with your child to teach him or her proper etiquette?

8. Do you want your child to learn about gracious gift giving, receiving, and thank - you notes?

Questions for Children

1. Are you interested in learning more about good manners?

2. Do you want to come to class each week and have fun learning about good manners?

3. Will you work hard and try to remember the things you learn?

4. Will you practice at home?

5. Will you be kind and nice to the others in your class?

6. Do you promise to have fun learning about manners?

Age - Specification Training

Ages 4 - 7

- 8 - 12

13 and up     

Individuals Consultation Questionnaire

1. Why do you want etiquette training?

2. Are you interested in general business?

3. Are you interested in dining etiquette?

4. Would you like to learn more about how to be a better conversationalist?

5. Is there a specific event coming up that you want to prepare for? If so, what is the event, when is the event and who will attend?

6. Are you comfortable in a formal event setting?

7. Do you entertain in your home often?

8. Do you go out with friends or business associates once a month or more?

9. Do you want to learn about being a host or hostess?

10. Do you enjoy socializing in small groups?

11. Do you want to learn more about intentional protocol? Is there a specific country or region you would like to focus on?

12. Are you comfortable at social events? If not, why not?

13. Do you feel secure at business meetings?

14. Are you comfortable speaking to groups of people?

15. Do you feel comfortable making introductions?

16. Do you want to learn more about phone and letter writing skills?

17. Are you confident in your etiquette skills? 

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